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    Unlimited Web Space and Unmetered Bandwidth with Sitbuilder and Auto Install Scripts and Free Domain just for 5$ per month

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    ssh tunnel

    Why do you need Proxy hosting?

  • Encrypted SSH Proxy and Socks Proxy.
  • We make your IP address unlisted !
  • Anonymizes you at work or at school even behind restrictive firewalls!
  • 128bit Strong Encryption prevents even your ISP from spying on you !
  • Full Protection in WiFi Hotspots - All data from your computer travels to our servers fully encrypted. An Evil Twin Attack would only yield heavily encrypted, useless data.
  • Secures you when using unsecured internet locations such as hotels, airports, internet cafes, cruise ships, university computers, etc. Our encryption guards all your data from the time it leaves your computer until it reaches our server.
  • Protects you from DNS spoofing - When on our system, you are using our secured DNS system. No need to rely on an unsecured DNS system in a shared computer setting such as a WiFi Hotspot, hotel or internet cafe.
  • Popups - When on our system you are immune to popups being served to you.
  • Attacks - When on our system, you are protected against DNS attacks, nuking, and other popular forms of attack.
  • Censorship - Our service allows you to break through censorship imposed by your ISP or other entity. We have full uncensored internet.
  • VOIP - Our system works with VOIP carriers worldwide. Our system will allow you to place VOIP calls even if they are being blocked by your ISP or other entity. Our encryption disguises the fact that you are placing a VOIP call and only a connection to our server will show up in ISP logs with no mention of any VOIP port.
  • Don't know how to use ssh tunnel? We have created a tutorial for using SSH TUNNEL, click here

    We are now even accepting BitCoin, PerfectMoney and WebMoney WMZ, For BitCoin sign up from website and select your mode of payment as BitCoin, For PerfectMoney please sign up from our website and select your mode of payment as bank transfer and send payment to U1506593 and for Webmoney send WebMoney / WMZ to our purse number Z428020230578 and emails us on support [at] sh3lls.net after sending the payment .

    We have special payment collection facility for Gulf and African Countries.. Click Here for more details

    For live support just click on the live help button on the left columnl

    SSH Tunnel Proxy

    Default Port 22 (But you can change port anytime or ask us to do it

    Dedicated IP

    Encrypted Connection

    Works as Socks Proxy

    Works with all socks proxy supported softwares including all popular browsers.

    99.99% Uptime

    Setup Fees: 0$

    Monthly Fees: 5$

    Sign UP

    HTTP Proxy

    Please order our SSH Tunnel Proxy as it gives better performance and security

    Socks Proxy

    Please order our SSH Tunnel Proxy as it gives better performance and security

    Encrypted SSH Proxy Tunnel hosting

    Some people cause abuse in the form of being a bandwidth hog. By this I mean they engage in activities on our server that entirely drains the life out of the server thus preventing others from using the server. First off remember you can be one of the others who can't use the server so if you want to run a program that lets 99 people download from you at the same time just remember if someone else started this same type of activity ten minutes before you, you would be unable to do anything on the server. We of course do allow uploading and downloading in a P2P environment but hey, let's be reasonable and remember there are other users too. There is always a price for anonymity. If you are wondering, when we get an alarm that a server is overloaded we go in and look around and that is how we find the bandwidth hogs.

    When using SSH Proxy servers your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer. It is then transported while encrypted over your regular ISP's line to our servers on the internet where it is then transmitted to its proper destination on the internet. All your ISP can "see" is an encrypted data stream going from you to our servers which means nothing, and tells them nothing. The data is encrypted with 128bit encryption, which is the same level of encryption used by online banking and e-commerce sites on the internet today. Your ISP has no idea what you did, what web sites you visited, who you sent email to, what you downloaded etc.

    Free Proxies

    In the past some of you may have used freely available anonymous proxy servers. As time goes on things become abused more and more on the internet. In recent years there has been a rash of phony anonymous proxies that are set up by malicious people who use the proxy to capture user names, passwords, credit card info, etc which they use for personal gain at your expense. These are called "Honey Pots". Such proxies unlike ours are open proxies in that passwords are not needed for access. Additionally who is to say they are not keeping log files and what might they do or not do with these log files. With our service you run no such risks and our proxies are not blocked as open proxies since they are password protected.

    What About Firewalls?

    You can use the service with a firewall. Our SSH Proxies will work through just about any firewall as long as port 80 is open. This is the web browsing port so if you can browse websites from behind the firewall you can use the service.

    We accept Credit Card, Paypal, western union, moneygram, wire transfer, cash, money order, Perfect Money, BitCoin, webmoney and moneybooker:

    Following are the info for other modes of payment:


    Email to support [at] sh3lls.net

    Money Order, Check, Demand Draft:

    Parsan Hosting LLC
    162 North Street, 2nd Floor,
    Jersey City, NJ 07307

    Western Union / Money Gram:

    Please email to sales@sh3lls.net or submit ticket at https://secure.sh3lls.net to get info for western union/moneygram


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